Front and a down-firing subwoofer

The subwoofers play an important role in producing the sound effect in the speakers. When you are moving to purchase the speakers, there are lots of things to consider you have to know about all those things to make the right choice.

There are two kinds of subwoofers, in general, they are front-firing subwoofer and down-firing subwoofer. Both of these woofers have little difference from one another in their driver direction, cabinet and the location of the subwoofer in the room.


When it comes to the front vs down firing subwoofer, both of them have their unique features. To select the right subwoofers, you have to decide your needs so that you can make the right choice of the woofer.

The driver direction of the speaker is the basic thing that decides the down-firing or from the firing of the subwoofer.

In this case, without knowledge on the selection of subwoofer, you cannot complete your purchase so it is better to grasp knowledge on it before moving for the purchase. 

But it is better to go with the down-firing subwoofer because there are several advantages of down firing subwoofer that you can enjoy by buying them. Some of those advantages are mentioned below;

The driven in the speakers are comes with different locations and flavor and they play a vital role in deciding the direction of the audios.

These drivers are contained with the magnet, cone, and coil assembly and there are various types of drivers like the tweeters and domes.

These are the things that are responsible for the music blasting from the woofers. So when the gravity of the music in downwards you need not worry about the falling of subwoofers.


The weight of the down-firing subwoofer is another advantage, the gravity of the driver is placed downwards so it also brings the magnet along with them. In this case, they lift the woofer like the anchor.

When you are preferring the down-firing subwoofer, your woofer can be self-protected. Because you are going to placing them in downward to it protect your woofer indirectly from the environmental factors.

Still, some of the cons preferring the down-firing subwoofer but the pros are higher than the cons, so it is better to go with the down-firing subwoofer.

Final thoughts

The debate on down firing subwoofer vs front firing never fades, but when you have confusion on which to buy. Get to know all their pros and cons before making the final decision because that can help you in choosing the right subwoofer.