Why is the subwoofer making up popping sound?

In this generation majority of peoples are liking to have the speakers at their home, having the speakers in the home become a very common thing.

There are so many reasons why the people looking for speakers at home nowadays like to listen to music or for watching the movie with ultrasound effects.

It may be many reasons but one thing they have to understand their subwoofer capacity and also other related information to handle them in a better way.

Generally, the subwoofer makes the popping up sound at some instance and here the people don’t know the reasons why subwoofer making popping sound.

It is not at all the right thing, because when you start to use something you should get to know about their possible outcomes that allow better usage of the material.

To help those people how don’t even have an idea about the subwoofer and their popping sound here are some important points that are shared, you can make use of them for acquiring knowledge on your subwoofer.

subwoofer capacity

If the subwoofer thump and pop, while you are changing the inputs on the receiver you shouldn’t blame the subwoofer for making that popping sound.

Because the subwoofer is produced with the capacity to only reproduce the sound or audio that is received from the audio-video receiver, in this case when the receivers miss the audio codes it should be get muted for the short period.

So here when you change the modes you were listening or inputs you can hear your subwoofer making up the pop noise, this shows that the particular jack is not get muted. This is the indication for the failed circuit in the receiver.

To overcome these issues, you can control the subwoofer with the bass level in the receiver. In the receiver, you can find the settings that can maintain the right bass levels.

Through this, you can reduce the popping sound when your sub “popping” at high volume. If you are experiencing the inconvenience with your woofer you have to take all the possible steps to minimize the problem.

Check the settings on each input device before it getting installed so that you can shoot out the problem easily during them begin stage itself.

The audio input setting can help you in minimizing the popping up a sound that comes out of the subwoofer.

Final verdicts

to handle the subwoofer popping or cracking sound, you have to get to know about their features and all about how to control the bass level; of the subwoofer, so that you can minimize the problem.