Way to test the car subwoofer without an amp

Music makes traveling very best and now most of the vehicles that come with the musical input system.

This is because most of the people sued to install the music system or speakers to their car just to hear the music while traveling.

If you are going to install the subwoofer in your car, you have to know about everything that you want to know before installation.

Not only about their installation have you also had to know how to test a subwoofer without an amp. This helps you testing your subwoofer when it gets any problem with the handy information.

When the subwoofer gets any problem immediately people start to look to but the new one either online or from the local mechanic shops.

But this is no essential in most of the cases you can repair and test subwoofer with multimeter.

In this case, you have to only know how to test the subwoofer, and if you don’t have an idea about the testing of subwoofer you can follow the below tips to test your woofer.

If you are thinking about testing the subwoofer of the car you can do it with the help of the 9-volt battery. With the help of this, you can determine whether your subwoofer blew or not.

You have to see that the cone of the woofer rises upwards while connected and downwards when you are disconnected.

If suppose your woofer, not at all move it is an indication for your second woofer is blown probably. To testing up the subwoofer you need not requires the mustimeter or any other tools.

Steps involved in test a subwoofer without hooking it up to see whether your woofer get blown;

subwoofer in car

You have to connect the wire of speakers to the terminals over the subwoofer that is for testing the subwoofer of the car without the help of amp because it doesn’t care which way do they are connected.

After connecting it you have to hold the wire to the positive terminal on the battery. Then hold the other wire and it touches negative terminal over the 9-volt battery.

While doing this you have to notice that the cone of the subwoofer moving up and down and during this, the woofer makes slight noises.

Final verdicts

These things might make you feel very simple, but it works out in the best way. To make it in a better way you have to make a better understanding of the concept.